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Natural Ginesis Customer Testimonials

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For help with the difficulty of keeping our environment clean. I believe addressing this issue is VERY IMPORTANT to getting well.  There is GOOD NEWS FOR YOU, however. I too, struggled with eradicating the fungus and mold that builds in our homes together with all kinds of particulate residue on my carpets, walls, and most all other areas in my apt.

I finally found a great deal of success using the KLEEN GREEN product that Mel mentions in his response to your post. It is an enzyme based concentrate that you mix with water and spray throughout your environment. Initially, I sprayed it everywhere for 3 or 4 days in a row. It actually eats organic matter like dust and also will over time do away with any mites or other pests in your home.

Based on the severity of the toxic and residue buildup in your environment, it may take several applications to do a thorough job. However, if you are diligent and spray thoroughly and regularly, you will over time SEE A REMARKABLE IMPROVEMENT!!  It is important to spray your blinds, window sills, baseboards, shower and bathroom area, around tops of any doorways, closets, and corners. I also steam cleaned my rug and sprayed my furniture. It is hypoallergenic and will not damage or spot most surfaces.

Interestingly, two of the four enzymes are actually produced by our bodies as part of our natural metabolism, as enzymes are necessary for protein assimilation in nutrition. I spray my skin several times daily and find it reduces the fungal buildup and revitalizes skin tone!! You can also find it a powerful aid for laundry and vehicle issues! Below is the info you will need to acquire it. I HIGHLY RECOMEND THIS PRODUCT BASED ON THE EFFECTIVENESS IT HAS DEMONSTRATED FOR ME!!



added 10-23-2014


This week, I would like  to provide some specific details  about  the methods I utilized for the last 20 months that have brought me to almost complete remission from MD. To begin with,  through my early research and my relationship with others  who have the disease,  certain principles  became apparent to me that I just knew I would have to follow.  The first of these was "do no harm." This lead me to a specific protocol that was both sensible and fixed.  Second, I had to except and be firm in the notion that "there is no silver bullet or quick fix for MD." This lead me to embrace the idea that it would be "the sum of the parts" demonstrated in a "slow and steady" capacity that would, in time,  navigate me back to health. Thinking along these lines then further allowed me to realize that mixing protocols would definitely not be productive. So, I now had the foundation in place to begin my journey back to health.

Everything that I was reading was telling me that that there were four specific themes that were providing good results for others who were recovering from MD.   I learned that I would have  to take huge steps to... restore integrity to the immune system...  enhance the absorption and assimilation of nutrients... promote the elimination of wastes and toxins....  and reduce inflammation, the primary destructive force occurring in my  body.  The question became,  "how do I accomplish this?"  It was because of what I learned from Mr. Common Sense's  web site and from Mel Friedman's success  story,  together with very limited resources ,that I decided to commit to  the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol from Logos. This protocol clearly provided adequate support for each goal I had in mind.

 I  adopted a specific diet  intended to reduce Candida, yeast, another possible  fungal overloads that I knew were present. I also wanted  to develop proper internal alkaline blood  PH from food.  I chose foods and eating habits birthed from Doug Kaufman, Jerry Rubin, and Dr. Bob Marshall.  These  included several specific vegetables  and herbs that I ALWAYS  ate RAW. These vegetables were somewhat  sulfur based and designed to boost glutathione production.  Avocados, cucumbers, spinach, kale, red onions,  radishes, broccoli,  almonds, ginger and garlic were eaten with every meal.  Whey protein isolate was added to provide abroad spectrum amino acids.  Specific herbal teas like Rooibus, Cats Claw and Pau D'arco, to name a few,  rounded out my protocol.  There were some additional  important aspects to the protocol I used.   Serrapeptase and Monolaurin from Logos, to reduce biofilms and address viral overloads, MSM sulfur  acquired from local vitamin outlets,  and MMS(chlorine Dioxide) from Jim Hubbel's web site.   I worked closely with Mel Friedman to work out the proper dosing for these.

The final piece of the puzzle became  how to free my environment of mites,  together with any mold or mildew that may have been present.  In this context, because commercial pesticides and cleaners are comprised of chemicals which are volatile, synthetic and poisonous, it was obvious that these would only intensify residual toxicity and the symptoms of my MD.  Therefore, they were  not an option.  I learned through  extensive discussions with Cathee Mabry from Natural Genesis that for several reasons, not the least of which is the elimination of chemical exposure risk, enzyme control for  insects and mold is best. The enzymes used in their formula exhibit the same properties as those that occur naturally in all insect species - causing a digestive disintegration of the exoskeleton. When enzymes make contact with an insect, it quickly digests its exoskeleton resulting in prompt death. This then became the means for  safe, non-toxic and hypoallergenic environmental clean up,  perfect for my MD considering the skin issues that were always present.

Well, that's it. I hope you now have a more detailed view of much of what I have done to release me from this horror. I only hope that it will lead your research in the right direction.  My further hope is that you will find that if you take the approach that I have laid out for you here today, that you will restore your physiology, restore internal bioterrain, and free your environment of toxicity and microscopic pests. In time, I believe it will allow you to also free yourself of this insidious disease. May God bless you and keep you!



Thanks for the great fast service when I order from you.  I really appreciate it.  This stuff is great – I like it especially in the wash.  Excellent product!!


AJ (Alabama)
I just had to write & tell you that your product is awesome!
We just got it (Gallon size) ... Yesterday... and It has helped me so much in
just one use!!!   We have had scabies for about 2 months and have gone thru all
sorts of treatments to rid ourselves of this nasty bug ... 
I do believe your product is going to be what helps us - working from the outside in..
We will be doing supplements to help from the inside out...
But... we are very grateful for the Kleen Green!
Thank you so much!
DSW, Alamogordo, NM
Your product is wonderful!  My life is now bearable and has given me first hope on more than 3 years.  Morgellons is beyond horrible.  I now clean everything in my home with Kleen Green plus using it on my skin is so soothing.  The first week's results was astonishing!  Thank you, thank you. 
P.M., Cincinnati, OH
THANK YOU for producing this product!  I just bought a gallon of your Kleen Green and am amazed how our problem has been cut dramatically.  I want you to know we will always use Kleen Green!
Dan (SC)

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