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How to Mix Kleen Green Enzymes

Recommended Dilution Ratio
1 oz. Kleen Green + 7 oz. Water
  • To make 1 quart of Kleen Green: 4 oz. KG + 28 oz. Water
  • To make 1 gallon of Kleen Green: 16 oz. KG + 112 oz. Water



  • Can be sprayed on any water-safe surface such as beds, furniture (leather or upholstered), carpets, floors
  • Children and Pet Safe (use as a spot spray or a low foaming bath)
  • Safe for Indoor and Outdoor Plants/Gardens (use 2 oz. KG + 30 oz. water for plants)
  • Safe for Topical Skin Application
  • Use in a Soaking Bath (1 to 2 cups concentrate)
  • Use on Hair and Scalp (avoid eye contact)

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