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Avoid Needless Suffering With Non-Toxic Pest Prevention That Works

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Too often, medical providers brush off symptoms of unexplained medical conditions. They are unconcerned about the chemicals in cleaners and pest control products that can affect our health. You may be told to deal with it, that it’s normal, or receive an eye roll when you ask for them to listen to your worries. While they may not be concerned, pests both visible and microscopic can contribute to health issues. Plus, with so many questionable ingredients in common pest control products and cleaners, there’s a high possibility they’re impacting the health and wellness of your family. You deserve non-toxic ways to prevent pests from invading your life, and that’s where Natural Ginesis raises the bar.

What’s the Difference Between Chemical and Non-Chemical Pest Prevention?

When you go to a store to get a pest control product, most of what’s on the shelf is laden with chemicals meant to disrupt the nervous system of an insect. While great in theory, this approach isn’t selective—it can’t tell the difference between a bug’s body and yours! Chemical-based products can be absorbed through the airways, mouth, or skin. The toxins in the standard pest control products can then cause effects on your nervous system, skin, eyes, and hormones. The effects can be immediate or build up over time, sneakily causing problems you may not realize are related to the pest control products.

Chemical-free pest control relies on enzymes that target proteins in the outer body of insects, breaking them down and leaving them dead. Since humans don’t have this same protein, what’s harmful to the pest doesn’t impact our own bodies. That’s why the products from Natural Ginesis are effective at handling insects, especially ones prone to causing illnesses like Morgellons and Lyme disease. You’re able to safely use them around your home without fear of harming your children, pets, or self. While the popularity of non-toxic products is increasing, they’re still not as accepted by the general population that has long relied on chemical options.

What Is an Example of Non-Chemical Pest Control?

There are several products that help in the battle against pests that don’t require chemical ingredients. Natural Ginesis has a lineup of solutions for your pest control needs, including:

  • Dyna Powder: Made from diatomaceous earth, Dyna Powder is a multi-purpose product. Diatomaceous earth is a silicon-based dust made from sedimentary rock that has crumbled over time. It absorbs moisture from the environment and dries out the exoskeletons of the pests, rendering them useless. This works against fleas, ants, aphids, and roaches, among many other insects. It can be applied throughout the house where bugs may frequent, as well as around the foundation of the home. It can also be reapplied if washed away. Our Dyna Powder is food-grade diatomaceous earth, meaning it’s “Generally Recognized as Safe” by the Food and Drug Administration when it comes to ingestion. This adds to your comfort, knowing it’s safe to use even if traces enter the body.
  • Mint Spray: Mint is a natural repellent to most pests, including lice, bed bugs, ants, spiders, and mites. Since our mint spray is made from just water, ethanol, and natural mint, it’s safe to use on yourself. It’s a great option as both a preventative repellant for spending time outdoors, or to help treat pest-related conditions such as lice. It doesn’t hurt that it smells lovely!
  • Essential Oils: Through the ages, essential oils have been a tried and true solution for pest control as well as a number of other needs. Extracted from plants, natural compounds in essential oils play a role in both preventing pest issues and treating them. While many essential oils help with non-toxic pest control, some of the key ones are made from lemongrass, tea tree, peppermint, cedarwood, citronella, oregano, clove, and geranium. Oils can be used in the prevention of pests when made into a repellant. They can also help eliminate an infestation. Unlike some brands, the essential oils from Natural Ginesis are undiluted, meaning they contain no other ingredients that can reduce effectiveness.
  • Kleen Green™: Our flagship product, Kleen Green is a safe, fast-acting enzymatic solution that eliminates and prevents pests without harming you. Instead of attacking the nervous system, Kleen Green targets the key protein in the outer layer of insects that breaks down their exoskeleton, which they can’t live without. While common toxic pest control products are harmful to humans and animals, the active ingredient in Kleen Green won’t bother you. Safely eliminate pests such as fleas, ticks, mites, lice, and scabies without worrying about yourself or your family. It’s a great multi-purpose solution that can clean surfaces in your home, and our customers find it’s the solution to numerous problems when nothing else works. In addition, it’s environmentally friendly and biodegradable, so there aren’t harsh byproducts that affect the planet or ecosystem.

Which Method of Pest Prevention Is Most Effective?

The best prevention is a multi-pronged approach. Cover your bases by using several products with different applications. For example, using Kleen Green to sanitize the surfaces and bedding in your home, along with applying essential oils as a repellent, gives a thorough approach to handling pesky critters. Combined with Dyna Powder around the home, you’ll have many layers of protection. No matter what form of non-toxic pest control you select, it’s important to use it consistently to maintain the benefits.

Natural Ginesis was developed to provide non-toxic solutions for you and your family made from natural ingredients you can trust. Our emphasis on safe, chemical-free products comes from a deep understanding of the hazards faced in commercially made options. Proudly made in the USA, our entire line of solutions was developed because we listened to the needs of our customers instead of brushing them off. Natural Ginesis makes products that work for you, not against you.

Ready to get rid of pests and keep them from coming back with non-chemical options? Order your pest prevention products right here, or give us a call at 1-800-807-9350 if you’re looking for guidance on the right options for your situation. With Natural Ginesis, you’ll feel supported on your journey toward a toxic-free lifestyle.

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