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What Is Kleen Green™ and Does It Work?

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With numerous cleaning products on the market, it can be difficult to figure out which one to use, especially if your goal is to find something safe that won’t harm you or your family. Scanning the store shelves or looking through websites is overwhelming when so many products are labeled deceptively to make them seem all-natural. They all claim to be safe and natural, but when you read the label, they still contain harsh chemicals you don’t want in your home. Even if you do find something natural, it often has a narrow range of purposes or surfaces it’s effective on. It’s important to seek out a cleaning product that is multi-purpose but doesn’t pose a risk to you, your children, or your pets. That’s where Kleen Green™ from Natural Ginesis comes in!

What to Know About Kleen Green

Is Kleen Green™ Safe?

Kleen Green™ is an enzyme-based multi-purpose cleaning product that doesn’t require the harsh chemicals and compounds that traditional cleaning products use. Your children and pets don’t have to be kept out of the room while you clean, and you don’t have to worry about them touching a surface for fear of transferring harsh chemicals onto their bodies. The preformed enzymes in the Kleen Green solution are even used in restaurants around the world due to their low toxicity and safety in a food environment. As a multi-purpose cleaner, Kleen Green is the perfect solution to sanitize surfaces, eliminate odors, and remove pests. Cleaning your home is a lot easier when you can use the same thing in every room, instead of shifting between several different bottles for floors, bedding, walls, counters, bathrooms, or furniture.

How many times have you sprayed a cleaning product, only to immediately back away and cough because the mist irritates you? Kleen Green doesn’t create the overpowering fumes that traditional home cleaning products leave in the air every time you spray. Your children and pets won’t have to keep away while you’re cleaning, making the job much simpler for you. The hypoallergenic ingredients of Kleen Green aren’t predisposed to making your hands itchy or raw like regular cleaning sprays, and its natural ingredients are less harsh on your respiratory system and eyes. There are also no combustible materials within the product, meaning it’s not at risk of being flammable.

Made from biodegradable and organic ingredients, Kleen Green is able to be absorbed back into nature with ease, returning right to where it came from. Any runoff of Kleen Green into a water system such as when washing a sink or shower won’t have negative impacts on the environment like some cleaning products. All of its ingredients fall into the Food and Drug Administration’s category of Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS), meaning you can put your mind at ease and worry about more important things.

Does Kleen Green™ Kill Mites? Dirt, mites, bacteria, and other bugs can make us miserable—whether they’re visible or not. Kleen Green™ is able to safely remove these invaders from your life. Made from preformed enzymes, Kleen Green is able to quickly eliminate pests in your home through an active ingredient that causes the insect to lose its outer shell. Instead of attacking the critter’s nervous system, which is what the toxic ingredients in standard bug elimination products do, Kleen Green’s active ingredient breaks down the protein in their exoskeleton, and this method is quickly becoming a common front-line application in the exterminator trade. This method doesn’t harm humans, meaning there’s no risk of illness to the user. Bugs of all types can be taken care of with Kleen Green, including mites, bed bugs, lice, and fleas. Even stubborn fungus, mold, and mildew are no match for Kleen Green, making it the perfect companion for cleaning bathrooms. Biofilms created by bacteria that cling to surfaces throughout your house are broken down by the enzymes in Kleen Green, penetrating in a way that traditional cleaners cannot.

Is Kleen Green™ Cost Effective?

Non-toxic cleaning doesn’t have to be expensive—don’t waste money on overpriced cleaners that are only meant for one job. With its multi-purpose design, Kleen Green™ combines several products into one, meaning less clutter in your cabinets! No need for a bunch of different cleaning products when Kleen Green is able to effectively clean every room and surface of your home. It’s safe for use on any surface not harmed by water: floors, walls, carpets, bedding, and more. Since it can be purchased in a concentrated form, a single bottle goes a long way—a 16-ounce bottle of concentrated Kleen Green can make up to four liters of cleaner! Our dilution instructions guide you through creating the right mix depending on the strength you want and the type of cleaning you’re about to tackle. It’s even more cost-effective when ordered in bulk quantities—available in containers up to five gallons, Kleen Green has bulk options that save money for high-volume cleaning situations such as businesses and institutions as well.

Kleen Green has helped numerous people take care of pests and clean their homes and businesses without the hazards of traditional products. At Natural Ginesis, we’re dedicated to ensuring our customers are able to find the right solution for their cleaning needs. We strive to create safe, non-toxic products you and your family can rely on without worrying about negative effects. Our customers have happily provided their testimonials about how Kleen Green and other Natural Ginesis products have solved their problems, and we’d love to have you among them.

Looking for Kleen Green near me? We’ve made it simple with our easy online ordering. Whether you’re ordering here in the United States where Kleen Green is made, or from outside the country including Canada or the United Kingdom, a green Kleen home is just a click away. Kleen Green is available in a concentrated form you can mix with water yourself, or you can purchase it in a premixed version to make life a little easier. Get the fast relief from pests, dirt, bacteria, and mold you’ve been looking for!