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Neon Nits™ Locator Spray

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Neon Nits™ spray turns hard-to-find lice eggs into easy-to-find targets for removal.

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Neon Nits™ lice egg locator spray is your newest weapon in the war on head lice. 

Used as directed, Neon Nits™ spray turns hard-to-find lice eggs into easy-to-find targets for removal.

How to Use Neon Nits™ Locator Spray:

Neon Nits™ spray is easy to use.  As with all products, Neon Nits™ spray must be used in accordance with all label instructions.

  1. Shake well and hold can 8" to 12" from dry hair. Direct short spray bursts close to scalp, especially at nape of neck and along crown part line. Avoid over spraying or saturation because over spraying wastes Neon Nits™ and causes it to be harder to remove. 
  2. After the spray dries on scalp, brush out. The excess pink colored spray will come off hair,  but not eggs. Any color on skin can be washed off with soap and water after egg removal. 
  3. Look closely for colored head lice eggs and remove with a nit removal comb  
  4. See our Nit Free Terminator Comb, the Ultimate Nit Fighting Tool. 
  5. Check scalp and hair again, removing any remaining eggs with the nit comb. 
  6. After removing eggs, shampoo hair with normal hair shampoo to remove pink color.

*Note: Do not attempt to use on recently dyed, permed, or treated hair, or on an irritated scalp.  Do not use oil-based products such as Vaseline, mayonnaise, etc. to avoid messy residue.

Recommended Usage:

According to the Harvard School of Public Health, head lice are becoming more resistant to permethrin, the most common chemical used in elimination. This is especially true in cases of children who are chronically infested and have been treated with permethrin multiple times. Other pesticides such as malathion and lindane are being considered as treatments, but their direct use on humans remains controversial. Mechanical removal of lice and nits remains the most safe, effective means of treatment, but until now this has been a time consuming proposition. That is because illumination and magnification devices have been awkward to use but necessary in order to see nits. Neon Nits spray can be used to identify the head lice before they are treated and after the treatment in order to ensure that all of the nits were removed. Neon Nits spray provides an economical solution to this problem making mechanical removal easier than ever

Additional Information
Available Size(s) 6 oz
Ingredients Dyrnel A, SD Ethanol, Pigment, PVP/VA Copolymer, Plasthall DOS, Deriphat 151-C, Sodium Benzoate, AMP-95.
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