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Kleen Green Product Testimonials for Bed Bugs

"All I can say is THANK YOU! You've given me my life back. I can sleep again without waking up every hour! What a good feeling to spray Kleen Green on a bug and have it stopped DEAD! I was thrilled!! I am so grateful that I found your very informative website and appreciate ALL the info contained there!" 
J.B. Port Orange, Florida
"This is the best stuff I have ever used!  I would never be without it!
J.L., Cookeville, TN
"This is my third purchase of Kleen Green . I buy the large concentrate bottles, because I use it for EVERYTHING!!! I cannot tell how great this stuff is, you have to see it to believe it. It's all true. Who wants pesticides when you can use THIS? I LOVE how it takes out stains from ALL our clothes. If you think it is "spendy" try adding up the cost of all your pesticides and cleaning products, then throw them away and get this instead. We Love It...." 
Carol , MN

Why and How Kleen Green™ Works

Insects are made up of a high concentration of protein. When Kleen Green is introduced to the insect, the enzymes act and can cause the insect to molt (shed its outer coating) prematurely. Poison pesticides attack the nervous system of the insect, which is not always effective. University research has noted that some insects have developed a resistance to poison based products. This revolutionary product is now available to the general consumer. Preformed enzymes have been used widely in restaurant and institutional settings for the last ten years, due to their low toxicity and superior cleaning properties. They are also becoming widely accepted in the field of pest cleaning as enzymes leave no toxic residues and the enzymatic effect on the insect exoskeleton is quick and safe. SAFE for Gardens, Plants, Ponds and around children and pets!

A Natural Alternative to Toxic Products

  • Fast Acting
  • Does Not Produce Toxic Fumes
  • Extremely Economical
  • More Effective and Safer than Pesticides!

Kleen Green: Non-Toxic, Pesticide Free Spray


Super Concentrated - Pesticide Free

  • 8 oz makes 2 quarts
  • 16oz makes 4 quarts
  • 32oz makes 8 quarts
  • 64 oz makes 16 quarts
  • 128oz makes 32 quarts
  • Also available in 5 gallons


INGREDIENTS: Active ingredients: A specially formulated broad spectrum of NATURAL enzymes (protease, amylase, cellulose, lipase) derived from innocuous yeast strains. FDA good grade ingredients. GRAS (FDA Generally Regarded As Safe) List Parts 184 and 186. This product is not a pesticide.

How to use Kleen Green™ Enzymes

  • This nontoxic product provides superior cleaning in the entire home eradicating and digesting dirt, bacteria and microscopic mites - even dust mites.
  • Spray and/or mist cracks, crevices, around window and door frames daily for several days. Persistence and patience will give the best results when using Kleen Green. No need to leave your home like that with pesticides. Kleen Green does not produce any toxic fumes. Kleen Green Enzymes eliminates offensive odors.
  • Safe to spray on all surfaces: carpet, bedding, walls, floors and furniture.
  • Kleen Green may be used in the laundry and in carpet cleaning machines.
  • Pour 1oz. of concentrate directly into wash load without detergent for a fresh clean laundry.
  • TIP: Kleen Green is safe to use in humidifiers. Pour 2 to 4 oz. into your humidifier for eliminating odors and controlling air born bacteria, germs and pests.

More Testimonials

"We live in an apartment building, and about a year ago, I was told that the apartment across the hall was 'bieng treated for bedbugs". I wondered how long it would take them to move in with me! The exterminator assured me repeatedly and apparently seriously that it was "impossible" for any to escape and go to neighboring apartments! (sure, and the pope is Amish) A couple of months later I found a bedbug. The exterminator gleefully told me what they would need to do to "get rid" of them. However, we have a couple of parrots, and birds are far, far more sensitive to poisons than dogs and cats. I told him I would do some research on the subject, and get back to him. Of course, he reported the "infestation" to the management, and I was promptly urged to get that exterminator in and have my apartment "cleared" of the bugs, but by that time, I'd located information on Kleen Green , and ordered some. I sued it according to instructions, and repeated the sprayings daily for two weeks, then twice weekly for two or three months, and weekly for about six months. I used it to bathe the birds, and they complained, but remained healthy. Two different exterminators have been sent by management to inspect for bedbugs, and have failed to find any evidence of their presence here, and the avian vet gives us a clean bill of health. Thank you, and thank GOD for your product!
J.M. Des Moines, IA
"I just wanted to let you know, I used the Kleen Green at my Aunt's house where there was a serious bed bug infestation. We have sprayed 3 times and it appears as if we have gotten them all. Thank you for your wonderful product!!" M.I.
"Your product has literally changed my life. I moved into an apartment in Brooklyn, NY and signed a yearlong lease prior to discovering that it was infested with bed bugs. For the first three months we lived in the apartment, my fiancé and I suffered day in and out with their horrific bites. We tried everything and anything we could find to improve our situation, but the bed bugs continued to prevail. It was a nightmare! I felt like I was living out the scene of some Sci-Fi thriller where bugs would feast on my flesh in the night. Then the Manhattan newspapers came out with an article claiming that the city was at an all time high infestation of bed bugs, affecting people in all income brackets and even residing in high-end hotels. I felt like this gave me little hope to improve my situation. If people with more resources couldn't formulate a solution, how could I. Then by some chance my fiancé found your website on-line and we ordered your product with only a half hope that it might have some affect. Little did we anticipate that is would eradicate our problem entirely. Thank you so much!! It has been a miracle. I only wish more people in NYC knew about your product. There are a lot of people that could use it." N. - Brooklyn, New York
"I am happy to report that for the very first time since we began the ordeal of trying to exterminate the high populations of bed bugs in this house, we have finally succeeded, thanks to Kleen Green! A million thanks to you for the most fantastic product that finally saved me and my family from those horrible bugs!" K.R.
"I was living in a nightmare with these awful things! We saw them crawling in the bed and when we 'squished' them, the blood spread all over the sheets. Thank God for your product. The exterminator's stuff did nothing, just nothing! We spray your Kleen Green regularly and no more bedbugs. We will never be without your good product, and would rather use this over any poison." M.M. - Brooklyn, New York

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