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Kleen Green Product Testimonials for Biting Mites

Thanks so much for such a terrific product!! Instant results!!!
Kindest regards,
TS - Texas
Thank you so much! I have noticed a difference just after one application.
"This is my third purchase of Kleen Green . I buy the large concentrate bottles, because I use it for EVERYTHING!!! I cannot tell how great this stuff is, you have to see it to believe it. It's all true. Who wants pesticides when you can use THIS? I LOVE how it takes out stains from ALL our clothes. If you think it is "spendy" try adding up the cost of all your pesticides and cleaning products, then throw them away and get this instead. We Love It...." 
Carol , MN

Why and How Kleen Green™ Works

Insects are made up of a high concentration of protein. When Kleen Green is introduced to the insect, the enzymes act and can cause the insect to molt (shed its outer coating) prematurely. Poison pesticides attack the nervous system of the insect, which is not always effective. University research has noted that some insects have developed a resistance to poison based products. This revolutionary product is now available to the general consumer. Preformed enzymes have been used widely in restaurant and institutional settings for the last ten years, due to their low toxicity and superior cleaning properties. They are also becoming widely accepted in the field of pest cleaning as enzymes leave no toxic residues and the enzymatic effect on the insect exoskeleton is quick and safe. SAFE for Gardens, Plants, Ponds and around children and pets!

A Natural Alternative to Toxic Products

  • Fast Acting
  • Does Not Produce Toxic Fumes
  • Extremely Economical
  • More Effective and Safer than Pesticides!

Kleen Green: Non-Toxic, Pesticide Free Spray


Super Concentrated - Pesticide Free

  • 8 oz makes 2 quarts
  • 16oz makes 4 quarts
  • 32oz makes 8 quarts
  • 64 oz makes 16 quarts
  • 128oz makes 32 quarts
  • Also available in 5 gallons


INGREDIENTS: Active ingredients: A specially formulated broad spectrum of NATURAL enzymes (protease, amylase, cellulose, lipase) derived from innocuous yeast strains. FDA good grade ingredients. GRAS (FDA Generally Regarded As Safe) List Parts 184 and 186. This product is not a pesticide.

How to use Kleen Green™ Enzymes

  • This nontoxic product provides superior cleaning in the entire home eradicating and digesting dirt, bacteria and microscopic mites - even dust mites.
  • Spray and/or mist cracks, crevices, around window and door frames daily for several days. Persistence and patience will give the best results when using Kleen Green. No need to leave your home like that with pesticides. Kleen Green does not produce any toxic fumes. Kleen Green Enzymes eliminates offensive odors.
  • Safe to spray on all surfaces: carpet, bedding, walls, floors and furniture.
  • Kleen Green may be used in the laundry and in carpet cleaning machines.
  • Pour 1oz. of concentrate directly into wash load without detergent for a fresh clean laundry.
  • TIP: Kleen Green is safe to use in humidifiers. Pour 2 to 4 oz. into your humidifier for eliminating odors and controlling air born bacteria, germs and pests.

More Testimonials

Thank you so much for your products. I bought the Kleen Green for biting mites and it works wonderfully. In fact, it is the ONLY product (we tried others) that DID work and I'm so happy. Also the expediency of delivery time was fantastic.
S.H. - New York
You have done more for me than the 11 doctors I have been to!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
LR, Ohio
You have saved my life.  No more creatures of the night!
Dear Natural Ginesis folks: In using your product for Morgellons (Biting Mites) I discovered it also helped my seborrheic dermatitis. I recommended it to my son who has one of the worst cases in the nation. He will be 30 in 3 days. He has had it since he was born. It gets so bad that his skin cracks open and bleeds and then he has to worry about secondary infection. Well I took a jug of the Kleen Green with me to visit him in upstate NY over the holidays. He never ordered any because he did not believe his mama that it helped so good. Well I got him to soak his feet in a bucket with a half ounce of the Kleen Green in it as I told him it might help his athlete's foot condition. He was itching so bad he tried it. Well it did help kill the fungi but he was flabbergasted when he noticed all the dead skin in the water off his feet and legs. He said "Mom, my legs and feet are SMOOTH!!!" I said "Yes, I know they are. I TOLD you it worked didn't I!" He does not have internet so I am sending him a brochure and an order sheet. I also gave him the customer service number. I do not know if he has called you yet to request whatever paper catalog you may have and ordering info but I thought I would contact y'all myself and have you send him the info. I guess if it helps slough off the dead skin and scales of seborrheic dermatitis it might help in psoriasis too. You might also want to add the fact that it helps these conditions to your website. So folks that have it will see a link to it when they google the condition. Feel free to quote this email if you like on your website. I just want to get the word out that your product helps this condition too. My son already uses a coal tar based shampoo to wash with. But it only helped some. Your product is the first thing we have ever used that gave us smooth skin. Now the emollients can work and soften the healthy skin underneath.
Thanks! A grateful user and mom.
Rebecca Lindsey - Binghamton, NY
Dear Cathee: 
I have been purchasing Kleen Green since last October for parasites. It is the greatest. I use it for everything, bathing, showering, face cleaning, hair washing, laundry, soaking of delicate clothing, cleaning (floors) and everything I want to disinfect. Your product is the greatest. I'm so glad I found it. My face has never looked better and it's due to your product. Also, it really disinfects.
Thanks for a great product.
Stephanie Arrowood
To Natural Ginesis Staff, especially Cathee and Brittney who took my order. 
Thank you for sending my 32 oz of Kleen Green so fast. I ordered it on a Thurs or Friday and had it on Monday, the 18th. I was hesitant about using it at first. I have been infested since July 4, 2006. I sent my kids to live with their dad since they had not become infested and have not seen them since. I have missed their birthdays and grandchildren's birthdays. I have not seen my friends and resigned by job right before Thanksgiving 2006. There are two other households in my family affected. I haven't seen the others because I am the most infested. 
I read all of the testimonials and was very hesitant about purchasing the product. I had purchased many other products and have gone broke trying to get rid of this invisible parasite. I received my product on Monday, Dec. 18, 2006, my dad's 90th birthday. I didn't begin using it until Tuesday, the next day. I have used it in my steam cleaner and have cleaned the walls with the Kleen Green and also with flea shampoo. I feel better though I have a way to go. But I do notice a difference. It's almost gone. As soon as I get some more funds, I will purchase the gallon size. I am waiting to hear from Unemployment in Maryland to see whether my claim will go through.
To Whom This May Concern:
I want to take this time to encourage those who have been affected by the biting mites, here's my story:
I woke up one day with a big red bump on my arm. I went to work and thought it may have been a spider bite. I proceeded to treat it as such and went about my day. The following morning I woke up with another bite, but this time I took action, I washed my sheets and bedding. The following days would change my life forever. I began to experience stinging and biting all over my body. It then began in my hair, and I have long thick dread locs down my back, in my bed, clothes car, even affected my dog, whom I just went home to get. I had to put him up in boarding for a week, thinking I would have the situation under control. I called pest control and carpet cleaning companies to come and treat my home, in it's entirety. 
Unbeknownst to me, I was living in a nightmare! It began to affect my job and my performance, my friends and family could not understand. I would wake up in the middle of the night going to a hotel, did this several times, and I just began to breakdown. I even ended up having a nervous breakdown. 
I had been treating the situation, all of this time, like a flea infestation. Then one day while at work, I had one on my finger and asked my co-worker to look at it. She said, it was a mite and I asked was she sure and immediately called my mom. By then, I had traveled to return my dog to my parents and my mom got infected in her hair. She went online and researched to find this website! Glory be to God! Glory be in the highest! We waited patiently and finally received the product. I let loose on everything I owned. I ultimately moved out but needed my furniture so I had to move it too. By doing this, I am having to now, treat my new home, my hair, my car, and everything else. But whatų most important is that this product, along with the mercy of God, and faith has brought such a peace. Yes, I still battle but it's not mine it's the Lord's. If you are contemplating purchasing this product, don't wait. I am young and even though my mom is back at home, we are hanging in there together. Natural Ginesis, I am grateful for you and may God Bless every employee, every person that has the need for KLEEN GREEN!
Thank you,
Kristi J. Lowery - FL
By upping the amount of Kleen Green in my humidifier to 2 oz per gallon water, my apartment is finally bug free -- after a year of treating with pesticides, that did nothing!
J. Brown - Los Angeles
This will be the 13th bottle I have ordered from your company. The product is great for Morgellons.
Loyal Customer - Texas
Hello! Cathee, THANK YOU, first I need to tell you, when I went to the school to pick up the kids, the postman left the box at the door. He did not come back for your money. Cathee as soon as I open the box I went straight to the bathroom, it help me so much, at 10 pm I went out in the front yard looked up at the sky and told GOD thank you so much Lord and Bless this woman Cathee, One thing I do not understand is no one else in my home feels anything crawling on their face I am terrified I took tape and it is little black spots, The military doctors said it was my nerves several years ago because I was going through a terrible divorce left with nothing but the best thing I have is a good heart If I never meet you my Dear I will see you in Heaven, I feel them on my eye brows right now as I am typing and in my head. I am going to have all my friends buy this product. I forgot to take off my earring in the bath, and they came so shiny, so it is also a jewelry cleaner. I will place another order when you receive your money. I can not express how much relief you have bought to me.
Wow! Your product is fantastic! I was going to my mother's house every night to sleep. My Mom loaned me a rolling cot. I spray it every night, and my body. I sleep in peace! We paid money to an exterminator and it seemed to irritate the bugs and made them sting more. I bought a battery handheld vacuum cleaner. After I spray, I vacuum. I'm still working on the bugs. They aren't all gone, but I feel so much better. Your product is a God-send.
SW - Florida
First of all, I am amazed at how quickly I received my order. I placed it on Sunday and had the Kleen Green on Wednesday! For years I have had suffered from constant itching. Primarily on my hands and lower arms. The doctors said it was an allergy and prescribed medication. I have a drawer full of every kind of anti-itch cream and Benadryl sprays. Nothing provided relief. 
Then last week, I actually saw a tiny mite scurrying across my stomach! And I realized that the places I itched most, my hands and my left shoulder, neck and back, were the areas coming in direct contact with my parrot Inca! I sprayed Kleen Free on her, her cages, and on my chair and bed. And I haven't itched since then! 
This is as close to a miracle as I'll ever believe!!! 
I can't thank you enough for your fabulous product and fast delivery! You're the best! 
Thanks for your quick response. I received my order, and it's working already. Went to see my doctor today, concerning the itching. She thinks I'm crazy, and still blames it on a hair folicle infection. I will be ordering more soon. 
Thanks again,
Many thanks for your understanding and help.
Kleen Green is an amazing product. It is only when one has the mite problem and you research, trying this and using that - when you realize that many of these products just don't work. Kleen Free does and it is mild and non carcinogenic.
I did not tell you but Laurie is battling prostate cancer and I have to be ever so careful with any sort of treatment. Kleen Green is really the answer.
Looking forward to doing further business in the New Year.
Natural Ginesis,
Received my first gallon of Kleen Green on Wed. before Thanksgiving, and I was eagerly awaiting the shipment, as I have been overwhelmed by an infestation of fur mites. Thank you also for the free sprayer; it's a very high quality sprayer that gives a perfect shot of cleaner. I am currently embattled with mites everywhere, and so thankful to have Kleen Green. It is the only non-poison product that I have found to use against this "plague." The product goes a long way (I'm getting great mileage out of that gallon) and the smell is not disagreeable. I would NOT want a strong peppermint or fragrance in a cleaner. Since I have 7 animals in the house, my work is cut out for me.
Bless You! 
J.C. - Ruskin, FL
I am just so confused where these small animals come from. I feel so much better that I do not feel bugs crawling on my face I learned so much after reading the emails on your site. For a long time I felt something in my head I went repeatedly to the doctors, I have tried everything over the counter and under I used kwell lotion and shampoo nothing worked. I was so desperate one day I used my dogs shampoo it only became worst. I was at the point I did not like to hug my family member because I do not want any one to feel this suffering. My male dog scratches a lot not my female I have a large bird, I am for sure these mites did not come from him because I had them before we purchased him. One day I was looking in a mirror and I saw on my face tiny white things like the root of hair follicle all over my face. I have so much relief. I just want them gone and never return. I have washed everything!
Thank you very much for your prompt delivery and effective product. I have received your product yesterday and used it right away on my infested furniture and my pet's sleep quarters. It is like a miracle! Now I am finally able to relax in my own home after so many years of suffering. Thanks again, you have given me my life again.
Hi. I just thought I would report in. I have used the Kleen Green in our Kirby vacuum cleaner and am using it as a general disinfectant and cleaner for the home. I really like it and have sprayed it on my body and hair as well. I have also used the nit free mousse twice and it has really helped. My hair is feeling so clean and free. I also deep vacuumed in my mattress and then sprayed it with the Kleen Green and keep spraying around the house and bed after shampooing the carpets etc. That, and the power of prayer are really doing it. I am very encouraged and my house has never felt cleaner. I am also drinking a bit of white cider vinegar w/water right now which I feel is helping to balance my system. Isn't that interesting - I felt like the Lord told me to attack any parasites on the inside as well as the outside and vinegar has so many PH balancing properties. Anyone can pick up a parasite on the inside as well from what we eat, etc. Well, thank you for your product and for getting it to me so quickly.
God Bless.
Thank you so much, you see I have pet rats, and rabbits that I keep outside, though I handle them daily.. and now I know why I itch and have bugs in my skin... but now your cure worked... thanks sooooo much.
Cathy, I just moved and vacuumed everything again and I am just spraying the Kleen Green solution as I go, under couches, I also spray my bed and linens and around the bed every couple of days and vacuum more often than usual, also dusting everything, in general a spring cleaning and spraying window coverings, clothing in my closet, etc with a light mist of Kleen Green. I also took a bath in a cup of vinegar and some Kleen Green and soaked my head in it for about 15 minutes and boy, did it feel clean! I also got my hair colored and prayed for the little suckers on my head to be roasted while protecting my scalp and hair and it seems to have happened. Anyway, thanks for your product and encouragement. I had done this stuff with toxic stuff quite a few times (on my hair and around the house) to no avail.... and I was getting sick from it..... I also used the green food to build my immune system, it really seems to be connected, cut down on sugar..... trying to eat healthy.... like I mentioned, inside and out..... much relieved....
It has been a year now since I first came upon the Natural Ginesis website on the internet and found the product Kleen Green. What a year it has been! And what a great day it was for us as we realized we were not alone, crazy, paranoid or "imagining things" in this fight to identify and relieve ourselves of this parasite that has made us miserable for so long. I was so lightened to find other who understood and realized what needed to be done and what we were going through, that a few tears slipped down my cheeks right there in our public library as I sat at a computer. Since that day I have cried a few more tears of frustration, tiredness, anger and pain, but not in vain. As the months slipped by, I came to realize many thing in the midst of furiously mopping, scrubbing, steaming, spraying, discarding, sorting, bagging stuff in plastic and finally moving out of the house we were in. One of the main realizations was: I HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF!
I guess most people could claim that sentence and made it their own too, but when you have to clean and spray every blessed item you own, you completely realize the meaning of "LESS IF MORE" or "SIMPLIFY." We have done so and we can say of a certainty, we are happier to be rid of most of the things we had to discard.
Another realization was how the people in the past must have suffered with lice and mites. The pioneers, fur trappers, Native Americans, cowboys on the range, the men in the civil war prisons, etc. I will never view a cowboy movie with the same perspective again. I thought about the people in the Peace Corps in under-developed countries, about missions and the doctors and nurses who gave up lucrative careers to staff them. I thought about the orphanages of England in the days of Charles Dickens and workhouses of the poor. I've thought of the Bedouins and nomadic tribes of the world and the women who had to birth babies in the midest of all these places knowing that these infants would be coming into contact with lice or mites that would sully their innocent, beautiful flesh. (Does anyone else on earth ponder things like me? I wonder?) I thought of the Biblical account of the plagues of Egypt and Moses' time when one of the plagues was lice. All of these thoughts made me a little comforted that I was not the first to suffer and I surely wouldn't be the last. My thoughts also made me a little melancholy to think of the generations of people who have been made miserable by these parasites, and to understand how people got so attached to chemical insecticides, myself included, over the last 100 years or so, to try and relieve their misery somewhat. 
But what a price we are paying with the pollution of our earth, the illnesses of our bodies, etc. In all of my ponderings I have reflected much on the purpose of these pests in our life, and I see they have served to make me more aware of people's troubles, illnesses and feelings of hopelessness. Can I actually be saying I'm thankful for the mites? Well, maybe not to go that far, but I have used the adversity to my advantage and gleaned some good from it. My husband jokes with me about the Kleen Green and that I'm a "Kleen Green Junkie." But it just feels so good at the end of the day to get into a bath of Kleen Green and know that I can come out free of mites and get a good night's sleep, and that I'm not killing myself with chemicals or causing pollution of anything. We are just about free of these mites. Today I felt virtually nothing at all until it was time for bed when I felt something crawling on my foot. I sprayed it and it was fine after that. I'm not mopping every day or washing blankets every day like I was. I'm more relaxed and I feel we will be totally free soon. There is light at then end of this very long tunnel. Kleen Green is like "liquid gold" to me.
K. - Maryland


ANYONE who has a persistent, non diagnosed rash that itches, burns, and feels like "pins are sticking you" - should try this product in addition to seeking a medical diagnosis to confirm the presence of scabies. Even if no one else in your home seems affected - ask a doctor to scrape you and look around! My husband has been unaffected by the mites for the entire time I have had them - although they seem to LOVE me!
I want to THANK YOU for providing such a wonderful, SAFE product. I have just been officially diagnosed with scabies after SIX MONTHS of a living nightmare. I have a history of eczema and allergic skin responses - so none of my doctors could figure out what was wrong. I was having an allergic response to the mite - so the bites were hidden among hives that would sporadically break out without warning. I went on special diets thinking it was a food, I even had an upper and lower GI! I cannot tell you how much money I have spent and how many times I have cried in frustration at not knowing what was wrong. One doctor even tried to tell me I was allergic to my PETS!!! Thank goodness I did not make any hasty actions and get rid of them!
Finally, I went to a university medical center's office of Dermatology. They had to scrape me for over an hour - but they were determined and finally found a larvae. I ordered Kleen Green and have been using it for 3 days now. I love it. I have 3 dogs and a bird in the house and need something that is safe around them. I have sprayed EVERYTHING, bathed in it 2x a day, and added it to my lotion (great recommendation from another customer!). I am FINALLY getting relief. I have recommended the product to a friend already. I will also use it in the kennels I have for dogs that I rescue from euthanization from my local shelter. This product is GREAT! Hopefully one day the medical world will know more about scabies and it will be easier to diagnose so that so many of us will not have to suffer for weeks and months. 
KFB - Virginia
Missed your wonderfully helpful product and ordered more now, while I was in Fla for 3 weeks. Have not checked out your site yet lately, but a referral for some people to the Morgellons Research Foundation and affiliated Morgellons' sites might be helpful too. 95% of patients diagnosed previously diagnosed as having "delusional parasitosis" and still classified as rare and of unknown origin, it seems connected to screwed-up immune systems of persons having Lyme disease. If only doctors would avail themselves of sites such as yours and these and learn for themselves. Thanks again.
I want to suggest that people may consider having professional rug cleaners, like Sears, come in and include an insecticide in the wash water. I just didn't consider doing this three months ago, feeling that this was a new migration/infestation. I think it would have saved me a good deal of aggravation, effort and money at the outset this way. (Website Note: Kleen Green may be used in carpet cleaning machines also.)
Also, although it's not non-toxic, Zodiac Carpet and Upholstery powder/or spray (available at Pet Club) is fairly effective, but in my case I had to make several applications. Toxic load does become a concern. I've also been going through Lysol (very effective) at about a 1/2-1 spray can a day. I generally saved (Kleen Green) your product for my body and shoes. Shoes and nails became a real nightmare at times. It may be that it/they just ran their course. Nothing seemed to work for very long. Sears is coming tomorrow. For about 2 months now, I've been wearing rubber gloves on my feet and hands in order to sleep, as my bed, even with clean daily bleached sheets, (no blankets) was invaded nightly, near the end more in the morning around 6:30-7:00a. There was definitely a rhythm or cycle to their activity. In the end, my nails seemed to be the final target. So strange. 
I went to a hardware store in my neighborhood about 3 weeks ago, and a clerk there told me she'd had others come in with the same problem, having tried everything and nothing working for long. I ran into a woman who was staying at the motel up the street from me (where I slept a couple of times). She said she'd moved there because the other motel had some bugs she couldn't see. Moving seemed to have solved the problem for her. 
Cathee, this has been very very strange. I believe I had something external and internal. But primarily because I could not come up with a specimen, I was met with a good deal of condescension and ridicule by institutional people, Alameda Vector Control, doctors. Orkin would not respond, Nolan would not respond, primarily because I could not come up with a host or a sample. It's been a long strange trip. Even my landlady posed that I didn't have a problem, and she's in N.C. I've begun taking sleeping medication regularly, Ambient. Now, to get off of it.
At first, I thought that I'd been victimized by wishful thinking (hoping, praying, etc.), or by the friendly, calm phone demeanor of Cathy (my customer rep). After all, a small order (16 oz., about 25 bucks) was all that was being spent. Compare that to over a year of shampooing carpet (do it yourself and professional), air filtration devices, new vacuum cleaners, new furniture, new bed, bedding and curtains bleached/"chemicalized"/hot water washed until nearly threadbare. And that's just for my sick apartment. Add to that near physical and mental breakdown from scratching and a sense of something(s) always crawling on me, therefore: can't sleep, skin dry and scabby from scratching, can't sit still long enough to read, eat, embarrassed when anyone visits.
I won't go on and on. If you're reading this and have the slightest idea of what I'm saying here, I'm sure you could add your own unique problems to my list. The problems are beginning to end: Kleen Green Enzymes. The evening I received my order (on time, I might add) I vacuumed the carpet, sprayed a light solution of the Kleen Green Enzymes on my carpet, vacuumed again. I sprayed the mattress and pillows, again only lightly. I lightly sprayed a clean cloth and rubbed down my leather sofa. I bathed, toweled off, then sprayed myself lightly and let the mist evaporate rather than towel off again.
I know, I keep saying LIGHTLY. One of the problems I've had addressing this (what kind of problem would you call it? EVERY KIND OF MITE?) problem was that chemical sprays, shampoos, etc., seemed to make the mites go crazy; I mean make them really angry. They would return in force almost immediately as a reaction to the chemicals. And certainly, no over the counter product from the drug store (in fact, so far no prescription) has been able to ameliorate my itching and the apparent little bite marks on my arms, legs, back. But wait; I slept through the night without waking to scratch and then put on some salve or skin lotion to quiet the itching that woke me in the first place. I felt only an occasional, intermittent irritation around my eyes instead of their constant itching, burning and a sense that something was crawling on my facial hair. I vacuumed and sprayed again that evening, and then started on the bathroom. Next day: I sat for nearly two and a half hours and read and don't remember itching or scratching at all. Not finished cleaning yet, but already my apartment and I feel brand new.
I live in New York City -- yeah, yeah, I know people who would (and WILL, once they experience my apartment's "makeover") love Kleen Green Enzymes. Oh! After having visited the web site, I see that Kleen Green Enzymes can be used for other things. Could it be that something can be bought in this country that is worth more than the money?
Thank you Natural Ginesis and Cathy, 

Incredible Journey

This has been one of the most trying seasons of our lives, but I can see it is coming to an end. I have learned so much from all this, not just how to clean for insect elimination. We have laughed, cried, yelled, been depressed, and then felt encouraged again as we saw the effects of Kleen Green and our diligence in giving our all in cleaning and spraying our home. We have had to say good-bye to many cloth items we would have liked to to have saved, but the goal was to simplify and get rid of of this pollution as we were also informed our landlord had gone bankrupt and we had only a few weeks to vacate our premises. We do know one thing, we are not taking the mites with us!

A Customer's Combination of Treatments

I had these parasites for 2 1/2 years. They started when my daughter was 4 months old. I was determined to find natural, not toxic cures. We are rid of them now ...Finally. I'm going to list everything that we used. It was a combination that got us back to normal. Please feel free to pass this on to anyone it can help. For internal health, We used MSM Powder which killed them internally, Golden Seal and echinacea to build back the immune system. Golden Seal is strong and should taken sparingly. 1 - 3 per day for a couple of days. echinacea can be taken 1-3 a day for about 3 months. The final product we took internally was Garden of Life Perfect Green Food. Which is WONDERFUL. It is a drink of Cold pressed vegetables, beans,etc., everything that is good. It puts life back into your body and cleanses it from all of the pesticides. I believe it saved my life. I was very sick from all of the pesticides. You can feel the oxygen going back into your cells immediately. You can buy this along with your MSM at a discount at this website. I recommend getting the MSM powder because you can also use it as a paste on your sores and it heals them just put the powder in a bowl and add just enough water to make a paste.
Externally - I used a Shaklee product called Basic-H. I am a distributor if you want you can buy it through me or you can go on their website and they will pick one for you. A Gallon is $38.00. My skin was so raw from all of the sulphur and pesticides etc.. That I needed something gentle to the skin. This is all natural, biodegradable and gentle to the skin. I put about 1/4 cup to a bath and a table spoon to a bowl of water. I would take a bath and then take a cloth and use the bowl mixture and sponge it over my whole body and leave it on. The first two days it pulls them out. By the third day you will get the long awaited good nights sleep. I would also keep some in a jar and when I felt a bite I would rub it on full strength or use theKleen Green Enzyme and spray the diluted mixture directly on new bite.. Remember it is the allergy to the mites and their feces that itch. The basic -H pulls both out. After you rub it on full strength. wait 30 seconds or longer and then add a little water and rub again and you will see the black spots come out and you will stop itching. This was gentle enough to put on my baby. for her, I used a tablespoon to a bath. And full strength on any bites.
As far as the environment. and clothes.... I found that washing clothes in COLD water with detergent and 1/2 cup of Ammonia killed them on the clothes.
The environment is the toughest because they live in wood, paper, walls, clothes, people.... so you have to attack everything until they are gone. GET a BAG VACUUM. Change the bag EVERY TIME you vacuum. Once you are done vacuuming everything!!! Take some of the MSM Powder about 1/4 cup to a spray bottle. The best that I found to do this was to boil water in a pan, take it off the burner is dissolve the msm powder. I put some cold water in the spray bottle and then added the MSM water with a funnel. That way you can start to spray everything right away. I know this kills them, I watched them die through a microscope. Spray your car, furniture carpets, clothes. etc. Iron everything before you wear it. I took a certain amount of clothes that I wore everyday and put the others away with moth balls. You have to deal with one thing at a time. Also, put a little of the msm powder on the floor, or carpet before you start vacuuming, that way they wont bite you as your changing bags. Just to let you know I threw a lot of things away. After 2 1/2 years of suffering, I wasn't too attached to anything. I through away books, paper, clothes that I couldn't wash, anything that I could. I got rid of my car, that was the only thing that I couldn't seem to get on top of. I think if you have leather seats, it's not so bad...but with cloth, it was harder. 
They also live in heater duct so you have to get them cleaned and disinfected as well. This is a lot of work but worth it in the end. I have microscopic pictures of this mites and nematodes. Many are trying to find out what exactly they are. We are sending the pictures to as many research places as possible. I hope this helps. 
Don't give up. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Stay Strong.
Hi, nice lady at Ginesis and followup fellow I've ordered from in latter part of 2004:
My heart goes out to fellow sufferers and soldiers in the fight against our common or uncommon household enemy, and to those of us suffering the insult of medical ignorance on top of the injury of infestation. 
You seem to have more information that any other sites (that I have found, which ain't saying much) on what's eatin' some of us. Dermatologists are not trained in identifying ANYthing that does not present a VISIBLE symptom and are not educated in the existence of any other mites other than the standard Scabies (rash) causing human lice. And there is naturally, no coordination between dermatologists and veterinarians, most of which do not themselves know of infestations affecting other than dogs and cats. And some that claim to treat other animals seem not to be knowledgeable about BIRD, RAT and MOUSE MITES, etc. Quite amazing, when one considers the medical information I gleaned from the Internet regarding Delusional Parasitosis, that on average there are two cases per dermatologist career of so called Delusional Parasitosis. I would like to know how many dermatologists there are in the US? Seems like an awful lot of "delusional" stuff going around. Like our politicians, it's up to the "constituents" to keep them honest apparently. Keep up the good work.
Medical people (and perhaps vets) would be surprised to learn us so-called "head cases" are able to recover using your product and other helps without benefit of psychiatric analysis and medication for stress.
I called the Orkin Man early on in my house-wide infestation (from house trained wild "pet" mouse I fed too much rich food too) and he exclaimed, "You got mites! I wouldn't touch your house with a ten-foot pole and I don't know any other exterminator that would! Call the Corporate Extension." When I figured out to call the State's Cooperative Extension they expressed blissful ignorance, stating their expertise was limited to plant life. 
I loved all your testimonials, including mine (BK New York). I was most interested in the satisfied customer who was driven to photograph his own (?) microscopy which you were kind enough to publish. Out west in California and Texas way there is Morgellans, which is being cited as parasitic disease or infestation secondary to Lyme. Once patients are treated with antibiotics (and it takes a lot once the disease takes hold) the secondary varmints go away or diminish to where the patient's immune systerm can handle them. Providing one's immune system gets unstressed. 
As a former "late Lymie" and support group founder/leader for two years (having attended over a dozen medical conferences in a decade) I find this "delusion" out west very interesting. It seems we need to monitor and maintain our own immune systems in optimal working order and natural products such as you offer to limit the amount of parasites that may invade and overcome our poor "civilized" bodies! Thank you so much. Kleen Green is my "favorite perfume" and bath. 
The paramecium looking (?) parasites excellently photographed and portrayed on your site by a satisfied customer are evidently NOT the ones that have plagued my home and person for over a year now, since they can easily survive at least a couple of months...but not past 3 months (this I learned from bagged and dated clothing too new or good to double wash in HOT water). Since I had a positive Emergency Room MD diagnosis for literally hundreds of fluorescing eggs which the attending doctor credited me with correctly directing how to detect...after another ER had screwed up...I thought you might like to extract this piece of information for those brave enough to encounter the medical community with its too casual Delusional Parasitosis bias or to identify problem area in one's home or work area:
MDs will have access to a fluorescing Woods Light with magnifying glass attached, or just a powerful "black light" fluorescent light, which one can buy at say, Walmart for a couple of bucks. The room must in total darkness and the bulbs must be new or relatively so. Labs must replace theirs after what? 2 or 3 months in order to get positive readings in fluoro-immuno assays...although by eyeball they still appear ok, (at least one lab I know of flunked test readings for Lyme borellia Burgorferi because of this human error)
Hello, I think Kleen Green is working on the critters. Thanks so much for the speedy delivery. I sprayed last night. This was the best birthday present - a restful sleep:-) I have the energy to celebrate today!
Hello Customer Service!
So far your products are making some real headway breaking up some very hard nodules that basically would under no circumstance give up! Trying to identify what may be the cause/culprits involved. Can you forward me links or addresses where I may find more information on the two mysterious entities, the mutated lice, and the mysterious mite?
Go Natural Ginesis!!
I recently used your product and was very pleased. I have been a Registered Nurse for 25 years and never saw a mite until recently. I am Director of a large medical school, and am in close contact with many students. Not knowing what I had, I went to see a Dermatologist which gave me a type of poison to put on my body. Because I am so afraid of these toxins, I began searching the web for an alternative. I came across your web-site and ordered Kleen Green. I received it within (1) day. I became very pro-active with the mites. It was an all out war. It took about (6) days, but I won the battle thanks to your product. I now put it on everything. I even wash my clothes with it. Thanks for the product, and letting people know that there is an alternative to the poisons. Do you have any dog shampoos that keep them free of mites and fleas?
DH - Macon, GA
I have been going nuts in my house with someone biting or stinging me I have glitter like things on my clothes and furniture ..I have no idea what they are or where they came from..I have tried so many different things.. I am single mother and I could not afford a company to come in and spray my house.. It was driving me crazy I thought I was going nuts because I could not get rid of whatever these things I found ur site and ordered Kleen Green I just got it today and immediately I sprayed everything I could get my hands on...already I feel a difference and I don't see the glitter things as much.. I will continue to spray in the next few days and see if they are totally gone.. I could not sit on my couch at night it felt like my skin was crawing so as I said I still don't know what I have or had but ur product seems to be working and I want to thank u so much.. I am thrilled with the results so far.. thank u for ur product!
sincerely yours
A. - Canada
Hello Kathy from Florida~it's working!
The creeps are finally gone. The Lice Trap Shampoo really helped. Now I'm using the Kleen Green on the cats and for cleaning. One of my friends was so impressed that he took the order ph. no. So take care of him when he calls.
I can't thank you enough! I was finally able to sleep in my bedroom again.
Dallas, TX
Enclosed you will find an order for 128oz of Kleen Green. This is our 3rd gallon of this and it is working well. Our infestation of "black pepper mites" was extensive and spread throughout the house and seemed to be on all surfaces. Since our thorough spraying with the Kleen Green, our home has once again becomes livable. We actually had to get rid of our living room furniture and we also bought a steamer to clean the floors and other surfaces like car upholstery. All these efforts prove to be helping rid us of this horrible pestilence. We have encased our pillows and mattresses in plastic and have had to throw away some clothing. We are 85 to 90% better than when we first began the efforts to rid ourselves of these pests, however, we still have them. I strip the sheets off the beds every night and put clean sheets on every night. I have been doing this for 2 months now and believe me, it is not pleasant. My laundry is phenomenal. We wear nothing twice. I don't know what we will do in the winter with winter coats. Obviously you can't wash winter coats every night. Hopefully this next batch of Kleen Green will eliminate them even further so we can wear our coats without worry.
My daughter's acne has cleared up with the spraying every night (after our baths) of diluted Kleen Green on her back and on the trunk of her body and face, and also any "bites" she notices. My "eczema" under my jaw line, which I've had for 2 years has completely cleared. I think it was just a bad infestation of these tiny mites clustered together at the jawline looking like "eczema." The dermatologist told me 2 years ago, "You don't have scabies or anything, you need to stop using soap." But I stopped using soap and did what he suggested along with creams, gels and vitamin E oil. Nothing worked on these itchy patches under my chin until I began batheing with Kleen Green every night. The horrid sensation of things crawling in my eyebrows and on my eyelases is all but gone. I think the Lord for your product. I think we'd be crazy by now if not for your product. We have been helped tremendously by it. We also like the Natural Ginesis Oasis Shampoo. My husband is bald and my hair is thinning due to thyroid problems and the shampoo has made our hair very clean and very manageable. In short, we are happy customers. Thank you so much for making us feel like normal human beings again and not just a host for some strange parasite which seems to evade identification. Could it be that this was imported in cotton clothing from China or other countries and is not familiar to the doctors and dermatologists of this country? (Just my theory.) Whatever it is, it is a formidable foe and can make even the calmest person feel frantic and paranoid. In closing, please accept our thanks for working with us.
K.S. - Maryland
I recently purchased the 16oz bottle of Kleen Green Enzyme for a test run. I have the rash like symptoms discribed in your mite section With pin-prick like bites and crawling sensation. The Kleen Green Enzyme cleared up the rash almost on contact and I'm testing further. I'm sending you a drawing of a bug I found to be biting or stinging me. I gave the bug on a slide to the Vector division of the Health Dept. and they confirmed it to be biter or stinger, they would'nt say. They said it was a bug that lived near water and laid it's eggs in the rocks. I belive this bug and it's larva are the stinging and crawling symptom that are responsible for this current Infestation. West Coast (also in Texas and Florida). 
Wiliam the Great.
I finally stopped using your Kleen Green for scabies ten days ago. I am free of them critters. Rash has been gone for longer than ten days. My house smells clean. I know enzymes eat grease and dirt and it was a wonderful feeling to smell my clean house. I know my carpets got a cleaning of a lifetime. Doing my own diagnosing about my rash and seeing your ad and ordering, freeing me from the rash has relieved me of a great worry. To whomever reads this, believe me Kleen Green kill mites.
JPF - Tennessee
WORKS BETTER THAN ANY OTHER MEDICAL REMEDY I TRIED FOR SIX MONTHS PRESCRIBED BY DOCTORS (lotions, creams, permthrian poisons, elimite, and eurax).
BK - New York
Kleen Green Enzymes came through when no other product could. Our t control mpany came out six times with absolutely no results. Kleen Green Enzmes began to work immediately after the first use. When all else fails, this products works.
Relieved in Connecticut.
All I can say is WOW. I've only used the Kleen Green once, and it's already a HUGE relief.
Thank you so much.
I cannot praise your product enough! I hit the drapes, silk flowers, floors - everything is so clean. My itching is all but gone.
Having multiple bottles with the mixture in it around the house helps a great deal. The enzyme is helping a great deal keeping the mites at bay. We will probably be putting another order for a gallon thru by the end of this month.
Thanks again,
MM - California
Thank you so much! I have noticed a difference just after one application.

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