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Lice Trap Shampoo Product Testimonials

Loved the product! Highly recommend to everyone!
Slidell - Louisiana
Hello, I Love Your Product It works really well and It does give You a peace Of Mind I am going to start keeping It on hand. Thank You so Much I can Find It at 3 Local stores. Thank You Thank You ThankYou!
"After going through many products and many hours of cleaning and picking through my 3 girls hair, your lice trap shampoowas the only one to truly work! Thank you so much!"
Melissa - Tennessee

LICE TRAP SHAMPOO™ MOUSSE FOAM is a nontoxic, pesticide free product proven to eliminate head lice and their eggs (nits) in just one treatment. This cleansing mousse foam product uses a combination of naturally occurring active enzymes to remove head lice and nits without the risk associated with pesticide poisons. One canister, used as directed, has been 99% effective in removing the head lice and their nits!

Lice Trap Shampoo Dissolves Nit GLUE! One application of this lice shampoo gets rid of head lice and the nits because the enzymes in Lice Trap softens the glue that holds the nits to the hair shaft, allowing them to be easily combed and rinsed away. The "resistance factor" never becomes an issue. The head lice and nits are off the head and down the drain in 30 minutes.

lice trap shampoo
  • Clinically proven to dissolve nit glue!
  • 100% SAFE! NONTOXIC!
  • Safe for repeated use. No retreatments - One step process!
  • Completely biodegradable upon application.
  • Has no residual contamination.
  • Safe for people, pets, wildlife and crops.
  • Lice CANNOT become resistant to LICE TRAP SHAMPOO.
  • Cost effective - NO RETREATMENTS on same infestation.

Directions for use:

  1. Wet hair with warm water at a bath or kitchen sink. DO NOT use this product while taking a bath or showering. Place a clean wash towel over eyes for protection.
  2. Add small amount of LICE TRAP SHAMPOO to hair and massage for 5 minutes.
  4. Add more mousse and massage 5 more minutes. DO NOT RINSE!
  5. Continue to add and massage until half of 4oz. bottle is used on the hair and scalp.
  6. With shampoo still in the hair, comb through the hair with any fine tooth come to assist in removing the nits that have been released. Rinse thoroughly with a strong spray of very warm water. The lice and the nits will rinse out.
  7. Inspect under bright light.

LICE TRAP SHAMPOO is an extremely efficient shampoo! It can lift pediculicide shampoos, pesticide poisons, hair spray glues, rinse-in hair color and other debris and irritants from your hair and scalp. If you use this enzyme cleaner and you have previously used hair spray or hair color or have used previous pesticide (poison) lice shampoos, it is advised you do not use this product in the shower. These previously used products can cause the hair to matte. If this occurs, simply apply a basic hair conditioner to entire head. Leave on for approximately 30-60 minutes, then comb and rinse.

Always keep LICE TRAP SHAMPOO out of your eyes and off your face. If you get anything in your eyes, flush with generous amounts of water.

More Testimonials

Hello, I just wanted to tell you that your Lice Trap Mousse is amazing! We worked so hard last month trying to rid my 3 kids of their ukus ( as we call them in Hawaii) and after one treatment of your mousse, the problem was solved. I did repeat it on one of my kids but that 2nd treatment was probably unnecessary. I also am amazed at how much product actually came out of one can. I now have 2 extra cans as I had stocked up thinking I needed one whole can per kid. Thank you for such a great product. We tried NIX, kwell, and Koodies natural shampoo over and over and over.........your product WAS all we needed. I wish I had realized in the first place. I will tell the local schools and any friends about your products. Thank you so very much for helping my family rid us of a yucky situation.
Elaine - Maui
I also wanted to tell you that these products are great. I have ordered from you several times. We had a lice problem it seems like forever. Every time we would get rid of it, they would go back to school and get it again. I bought some theshampoo the last time I ordered the mousse and my girls have been lice free for several weeks now. I would recommand this product to anyone.
Thank you very much. I had called you approximately 3 weeks ago for my granddaughter. Needless to say your products WORKED! My granddaughter, her little sister, her mom and all other who she had contact with are lice free. Thank the good Lord! However, their Auntie, my youngest adult daughter obviously “got” them from my granddaughter and was horrified.
She is looking forward to using your products especially the nit comb. I did a Lice Trap Mousse treatment on her last night with much success, however, the nits, though reduced, are still clinging for dear life. (Lice note: nits further down the hair (away from the scalp) are dead.)
Thank you for your products. We feel we can use then with confidence.
G.O. - Oregon
Thank you so much your product did in one application what the chemicals could not in two. I don't have to worry about side effects for my three year old. I use your product on many things I really am impressed with it.
Thank You,
I got it and my daughter is now lice-free! We had used a solution from the drug store the week before and it didn't work fully. We combed her hair with the special gels every night until your package arrived on Saturday. I'm not sure what finally did the trick but her daycare confirmed this a.m. that she is free of bugs!!!! And I am so thankful.
Thank you!
The four mousses are fine... we really like those :) thanks for writing me back and letting me know that you got it. I'm sure you'll hear from us soon.. excellent products!
Hello Cathee, I wanted to let you know that I LOVE this stuff. The shampoo took mostly all the eggs out. I used the cleaner thing and we now have NO nits or lice. I keep spraying the couches and bedding with the cleaner mixed with water. I look in my daughters hair everyday and i cant find 1 nit. I am so amazed! I will let my doctor know how great this works and give him your web address. Hopefully, the military will get this stuff. A friend of mines kid had called to tell me her daughter has lice, and went to the doctors (military) and they gave her Lindane. (Spelling???). I told her to come over and we did her hair and her daughters and she is shocked about all the chemicals the military was giving out for this problem. She is going to order this from you...I just dont know when,,, seeing how christmas is coming around the corner.
Well, Thanks AGAIN!
L.P. - Oklahoma
Dear Cathee, Thanks very much for fast delivery.I recieved the shampoos and the combs on Monday.So far everything is fine.I realy like the combs.They are very different from the regular combs for Lice. Please let me know about the status of theNeon lice sprays that i ordered.When do you think i will recieve them. Thanks very much for your help and the fast delivery.
S.S. - Great Britain
Several months ago, two of my children had head lice and we tried Rid several times with no luck. With one application ofLice Trap Shampoos, the lice were gone and gone for good! Thanks so much for a revolutionary product!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We have had the hardest time getting rid of the lice my daughter got at school. For a month, we treated, retreated, and retreated again. My daughter has long, thick hair. The problem was trying to make sure all of the nits were gone. IMPOSSIBLE for a 6 year old child to sit for hours of "nitpicking". I found you on the internet and thought, "Why not?" Nothing else has worked. I really didn't think it would work as well as you claim. I'M SO GLAD I WAS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW, WHAT A GREAT PRODUCT!!!!!!! She was nit free after one treatment! We treated her again just to make sure. No more lice!!
One suggestion---make the cap a 2 ounce measuring cap (like children's medicine lids). We used the cap anyway, but we weren't sure whether we used the correct amount or not. Still, it didn't seem to matter 'cause the lice are dead!!!!!! Can you tell I love you guys?!? Thanks again! Believe me, I have told everyone about you!
J.M. - Alabama
I am so glad that I got the email from you. It has made me sit down and write you back. I have been meaning to email you for the past month to tell you how pleased I was with your product. You have my permission to use this letter in your testimony section of your Web site. I am sure you can't possibly remember everyone who writes and places orders, but I found you guys after 6 weeks of an ongoing problem with lice. My 8 year old daughter continuously was reinfested every 5-10 days for that period of time. I treated her five times with chemicals and mayonnaise. I also treated my other 3 kids twice. Finally, I spent a day looking on the Internet for help. You emailed me back and talked to me on the phone. I was so frustrated at the time, and you were such a comfort. I placed my order and received your product two days later. During those two days I found nits in my hair. Only a few, but then I was really upset. My daughter and I used your product twice in one week. I have been lice-free, sane and happy for the past 7 weeks now. It makes me so happy to see your product coming to stores nationwide. It IS the answer to lice and to many of my prayers. I hope others find your product before 6 weeks go by of pure frustration. Thank you very much for your help, and I will do my part of getting the word out.
Take Care,
L.W. - Florida
Hi! Just a quick note to tell you how wonderful Lice Trap Shampoo is! We got rid of it all in one treatment! Mixing it in a squirt bottle with water made it so easy to use around the house, too! I have told all of my friends with children about it, and I have even told my family doctor about it! Also, just to let you know, after spraying the baseboards in my house, I have noticed that we no longer seem to have any bugs! My allergies haven't flaired up since I used this absolute Godsend of a potion! I haven't had one asthma attack, nor have my two cats had any kind of adverse reaction to this product. I am so glad I found you and Not Nice To Lice on the Internet! You will forever have a customer in me! Good luck, and thanks again for everything!
C.A. Cook - Phoenix, AZ
P.S. My friends and I are going to request that Albertson's stores start stocking this product, we have had several people ask us about it. It is really in demand when people realize that all of the pesticide based treatments that are currently in the store don't work, and that Lice Trap Shampoo really does! Take Care!

I received the shampoo today and used it on my daughter. when I found a bug that did not rinse out it was dead. I have found no live bugs in her hair. This shampoo is great, thank you very much. I did not even have to use the whole bottle. That way I can spray it on my furniture. It was very effective. You can believe that I am going to give this information to my daughters school!! thank you
Michelle - Suffolk, Va
On October 26, I order 8 oz of Not Nice to Lice. On October 28 received package.
Lice Background:
I have been treating the Lice epidemic since August 23. I took my son to the Doctor on Saturday to make sure it was head lice. He gave me a prescription Shampoo and said treat once a week for four weeks. I went home and totally stripped the house and washed everything as I was simultaneously treating my son's hair and my own. I sprayed all pillows, furniture, mattresses etc. Well needless to say I have been repeating this procedure as often as every two weeks since then. I treated my sons hair on Monday October 26, with the Prescription Shampoo.
When I received your product on Wednesday, October 28, I checked my sons head. Would you believe that there was still bugs crawling in his hair. It had only been 42 hours and the prescription shampoo had not even killed the bugs. At his point I felt devastated. How can a prescription not be effective. I will tell you I am very pessimistic about your product. At that point I said well I have nothing to loose. I treated My son with your product.
I applied the first round. Then I took a flash light to his head. I could actually see the bugs easier AND they were not moving. Well I applied the second round and lathered him up. Took the flashlight again to his head. I could see the Nits and hatching Nits and they weren't moving. Third treatment. Bugs are everywhere but not moving. ( I have done the same procedure with the prescription shampoo and actually could see bugs moving and alive after treatment. Combed out his hair and kept checking with flashlight. For a person being treated so many times, I could not believe what was coming out in the comb. Rinsed and conditioned his hair and dried it. Then took the flashlight to his hair. I could actually pull out remaining nits and bugs ( dead ) with my fingers. On October 29 in AM, I checked his head. Looks good!!!
Laura L Bandeko - Colorado Springs, CO
(Editor's note: The directions indicate to apply 2 oz. at a time without rinsing and then adding another 2 oz., etc. These are the directions followed by Laura in treating her son and indicated by her as "rounds or treatments". The "prescription shampoo" Laura used was "Lindane" please read the information on this pesticide and share it with your physician)

Follow up:
Subject: Product results Update
Date: Tue, 3 Nov
I took my son to the Doctor yesterday, 2 November. He received a "No Bugs" clean bill of health. I am ecstatic. What I had spent months battling was resolved in one night using your product. THANK YOU!!!!!
My Doctor's office is so impressed with the results of your product and know all the trouble I have been having that they want all information on your product. Please fax to them any thing and everything you can provide on "Lice Trap Shampoo" Products to Dr. Neilsen.
Again Thank you for producing a product that works and is safe.
Laura Bandeko
P.S. You know the song from South Pacific, "I'm Going To Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair"? Substitute "Those Bugs Right Out Of Your Hair" and sing this why rinsing your child's hair. They love it and it becomes a game and not a trauma??
Got the order, Guess what, no lice!
Thanks! Mike - Chattanooga, TN
Hello, I really wanted to wait for a few days but I have to let you know that I am really impressed with the results that we had. Using NIX (for the third time) we have usually been reinfested within 3 - 5 days. Also when we used NIX after the treatment we were seeing about 50-60 (whose counting after that many) lice/nits. After using Lice Trap Shampoo We saw only 3 Lice and no nits. It has now been over 1 week and we have not seen a reinfestation in 4 children. I would reccomend this product unconditionally to anyone who is at wits end on how to control this menace. We tried NIX and RID and neither one worke and we tried LTS only once and it worked.
You are free to use this as advertisement without further compensation. It is compensation enough that we are finally rid of this pest.
W. and L. - Texas
Good Morning, Yes, I received your product on Friday and cleaned my whole household and so far have not seen any sign of Lice. With the school year just beginning I am very grateful for your product. I now feel confident about sending my children outside knowing that I have the Lice Trap Shampoo. I am going to continue using your product and telling others about it.
I have all ready informed the DayCare Management in which my children attend about your product, and am giving them the information that I have received from you. I thank you very much for your assistance and quick response. It is your product that I feel safe in using and also that I can use it on a regular basis.
Thank you ever so much,
P. R. - Canada
Thank you so much for your help. I have been checking Christine daily and no sign of new lice, She has faithfully washed her hair every day. I am very pleased with your product and would not hesitate to refer your product to anyone in need. I can still picture the day when I saw for myself lice at work in christine's hair, It's something I will never forget.
Thank you so very much
M. R. - California
"I would like to know if you sell "Lice Trap Shampoo" to individual customers.
My daughter is like a magnet to other people who have lice. During the last school year, she got it 4 times. So far she's had it once this school year, which has only been in session for 1 week. The school gave me a bottle of your product and it really worked. I would like to purchase some to keep on hand. Please let me know. 
"To Whom It May Concern:
I would like to take a moment of your time to express my thanks to your company for your recent help. When my children were diagnosed with head lice recently, I did what most parents do, and called my doctor. He prescribed Nix for my children. I followed directions for the product, and treated the entire family. I also contacted the Health Department, and followed their instructions on ridding my house of the pests.
The Nix did not seem to work. I called the doctor again, and he suggested we try Rid. The results were the same. The lice came back.
I called an "800" number for Nix, and told them my problem, and they informed me that I had "obviously" not used their product correctly, and to try again. I did.
By this time, I was afraid. I knew I was poisoning my children. In desperation, I phoned the Health Department to ask what I was doing wrong. I told them Everything I had done to get rid of the lice - combing, vacuuming, washing, drying, and treating - and was told that I was following correct procedure.
I was finally transferred to a public health nurse at the Health Department and she gave me the phone number for your company.
When I called and explained my problem, they asked for directions to my house, and told me they would be right over. He arrived with a box full of "Lice Trap Shampoo" and a lot of information. After explaining about the non-toxic properties of the product, and explaining how it worked, he spent the next two hours helping to treat me and my five children. He left me with some extra product and asked me to let him know the results.
That evening, I soaked everyone's hair in baby-oil overnight, and that helped comb out almost all of the nits. For the next four days we all used "Lice Trap Shampoo" as a shampoo and combed out the rest of the nits, as well as washing bedding and vacuuming. We are now lice free!
I wish to thank the company for helping us, coming out to my house, and not telling me I don't know how to follow directions, as Nix did. I feel safe in treating my children with your product. I treated them, not poisoned them. I don't feel I can thank you enough, but please know you have my most sincere gratitude." J.R.
I ordered the Lice Trap Shampoo this past March. This was after treating my daughter for recurring head lice with over-the-counter products. Not only was I spending hours picking nits out of her hair, but I was putting more and more chemicals on her, which I'm sure, got in her as well.
Today I had to pick up my daughter from school because, once again, she had lice. As soon as we got home I immediately treated her with your shampoo. We sat down and I got ready to sit and pick her hair. I found 3 nits on her whole head, and those came right off. Needless to say, I was thrilled!!
I am totally amazed and grateful that I found your product on the Web.
Thank you!!! L.K.
Hi, Thank you for making a product like this, I have a child who has many medical issues and cannot use the products on the market today for lice removal per Doctors order. But, also with his special needs it is impractical to make him "sit" with chemicals in his head. Two years ago when he had lice for the 1st time it took almost a month to get rid of them, having to do it the old fashioned way. When I discovered lice this time (I did catch it earlier) I went to purchase the many "natural" items I would need olive oil, combs etc. when I just "happened" to see your product. I purchased it because it said it was non-toxic and natural.
Well not only was it easy to use, I have been able to completely remove the lice from our house in 4 days!!! Plus my son had no reaction to it and was back at school after 2 days!! Instead of spending almost $100 like last time, I spent half the price. This included the products needed for head lice and decontaminating our laundry.
Thanks for your product, I will pass the word on to other parents with children with special health needs. (lice do not discriminate) I also plan on passing the word on to the stores in our area to try and get this product everywhere thanks again.
Cindy - Minnesota

Testimonials - Schools

Our parents have bought Lice Trap Shampoo and been so impressed they requested we purchase some for the school. Janet - Hinsdale Elementary School
"Ms. Stafford's school has a large influx of migrant workers who bring in lice each spring and fall. One teachers' daughter got infected. She tried 4 times with RID, scoured the house and destroyed the bedding. This took weeks, and failed. Lice Trap Shampoo cleaned up her daughter and her house in 3 days."
Hart Public Schools
Bev Stafford, Superintendent Secretary
"We use Lice Trap Shampoo. We have such a severe problem with head lice, at our school, we give it away to our students. It really works well. We like it because it's safe."
Hart Public Schools
Larry DeAugustine, Middle School Principal
"We have only used Lice Trap Shampoo for one year. We have a terrible problem in our middle school. We give it to all the children. Parents like to because it's non-toxic. So far, no one has complained about Lice Trap Shampoo, and not one family has had a recurring problem.
Shelby Public Schools
Beverly Holmes, Business Manager
"I would not put anything else on my kids head. Even if you drink it, all it give you is diarrhea. The nits loosen up and they fall off. They won't stick any longer, and the lice are gone right now."
Van Buren Intermediate School District
John Hagger, Maintenance Supervisor

Testimonials - Doctors

On the August 8, 1998, broadcast of "Ask The Family Doctor" on the American Health Network (AHN). The host, Dr. Walt Larimorean, interviewed Special Guest Dr. Jack Fisher of Vanderbilt University. The subject was Protecting Your Children From Head Lice In that interview, Dr. Fisher stated that... Over 20,000 children and adults lice and nit free with "Lice Trap Shampoo". (The response to this program was overwhelming with over 300 phone calls from viewers seeking this nontoxic solution to the head lice dilemma.)
A topic which most of us would rather avoid is the chronic problem of lice infestation, frequently among school age children. The products currently marketed to kill lice are based on toxic chemicals which can have harmful effects not only on the children and adults using them but also on the environment. The Ginesis products for treating lice are based on enzymes produced in nature by plants and insects and are safe, effective and harmless to the environment yet solve the dilemma for millions of people troubled by this embarrassing problem.
As a physician with an interest in hair care and restoration I have been recommending and personally using the Ginesis product line for over four years to help myself and my patients and avoid harmful toxins which I believe can contribute to hair loss. Lice Trap Shampoo is a tremendous advance in the treatment of head lice and in the philosophy of using natural and safe products.
Jack Fisher, M.D.
Nashville, TN

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