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Sarcrid Salve Testimonials

sarcrid salve logoHi, I just wanted to thank you for your amazing Sarcrid Salve. I have a horse that had a sarcoid tumor in his ear and below his eye, and after many painful chemical products and a bloody surgery, they still came back. After we found out about the salve and started using it, we saw a difference immediately. After a few months, and one and a half tubes of salve, they were gone without a trace. NOT ONE SCAR. Thank you. Aurora C. France.


D'arcy is a 4 year old Shire X Cleveland Bay gelding.

D'arcy developed his sarcoid last year and the vet advised that the best course of action was to send him to an equine hospital for laser treatment then a course of Liverpool cream, with an estimated cost of £1,000. I was not happy with having to send him away and started searching the net for other alternatives when I found your salve.

I received the salve in May of this year and began applying as directed, we went through various stages and at one time he became agitated when I applied the cream so after consulting you I left the cream off for a week and instead applied aloe vera gel and then after a week began alternating between the two products, the sarcoid then became quite sore and the surface began to look blistery then he started losing hair from around the sarcoid, however after about a month you could see a reduction in the size and today it has completely disappeared and all the hair has re grown. My friend who is a veterinary nurse at my equine vet is totally amazed and if she hadn't seen it with her own eyes would not have believed the outcome.

Kindest Regards,




"Tobruk" Ford presented on April 6 for masses in the axial region. These masses were flat and scaly, with some areas of ulceration; and covered about a two inch square area. Biopsies were taken, and the results cam back as an equine sarcoid. The recommendation for these sarcoids is surgical excision and irradiation. However, because of the region these masses were in and the extent, any surgical intervention was not possible.
The owner, Nancy Ford, then suggested if she could use alternative means to treat this area, and there was not any reason that this could not happen. Ms. Ford created a compound with herbs that she at first made sure was not harmful to horses in general. She treated "Tobruk" at home for many months, and would periodically call with updates on how the areas looked. "Tobruk" was next presented at the clinic on January 2. The area first noted covered with sarcoids was now clear. On further examination, there was no indication that there had been any masses there. There were no other signs of any other areas that had sarcoids either. Since these masses can locally recur, further observation ofany future masses will have to done.
For the meantime, the home treatment, herbal equine sarcoid-remedy, seems to be extremely successful in treating these locally aggressive sarcoids.
Dr. Rebecca Horton, DVM
Caldwell Animal Hospital,
PA Lenoir, NC


Treatment Of Sarcrid Salve For "Bogie" From July 14th - December 19th.

With salve on the sarcoid (why it looks so wet) I put salve all above the sarcoid so it can melt down onto the attachment area.

That black area at the back of the mass is another lump that has come down out of the skin to join the main sarcoid.

Several lumps have detached since the last photo, and there is still a bit more sarcoid up in the skin, which can be felt through the healthy normal skin.

Bogie - June 24th - Ten days into treatment Bogie - July 8th - The Scariest Bogie - July 9th - Less Scary Bogie - July 25th
Bogie - July 26th Bogie - July 30th Bogie - August 19th Bogie - December 19th
I just wanted to share my great results with the product. I am in day 13 of treatment and have been documenting with pictures along the way. The sarcoids are completely flat with no bulging area and hair is starting to return to the affected area. If you would like me to send pictures of the progress, I would be happy to.


Thank you for your reply on the email I sent just a few weeks ago. As you saw those pictures I had taken on 10/22. I started on my 2nd bottle of the salve with reservations after already using it for over one month that the next bottle would do much good. I have attached another picture of it just three weeks later. I am so amazed and thankful for this product!

I truly believe for my horse's case by using the wrap after applying the salve it helped tremendously. It wouldn't stay on for 24 hours, because it was always gone before the next treatment, but for whatever time it stayed on I believe it had to have helped with the flies and the constant swishing of the tail rubbing the salve off. I am hoping by the time you read this and I get more pictures taken that this thing will be gone. As it was biopsied by the vet and diagnosed as cancer, I'm still not sure what is going on in the inside of my horse but I can at least feel better and relieved that this growth on the outside is less irritating to him.

Thank you very much.

Diana B

Chief - October 27th Chief - November 11th Chief - December 18th
I'm writing with good news. I have been applying the salve once a day since I received it on 7/19. To tell you the truth nothing was really happening. I didn't see it shrinking at all. It was not angry. Just looked the same. All of a sudden last week I noticed that it looked very dry and by the weekend it had begun to disconnect off of Harley's nose. There was a nasty smell and I was beginning to get concerned that it was infected. I took him to a show on Sunday and as we were schooling the course the sarcoid was actually lifting up and down on his nose as he cantered and jumped. As I had explained in the past it's about the size of a golf ball and very noticeable. So needless to say my horse was the talk of the show. People can be so ignorant sometimes. Well them and their ignorance had to walk away knowing that sarcoid and all he took GRAND CHAMPION. Pretty is as pretty does! The day after the show I received a call from my trainer saying that she went out to the paddock to get him and it had fallen off!!!!!! HOORAY!!!!!! She said that there was only about 1/5 of it attached still.
I can not tell you how grateful I am that I decided to go ahead and try it. I am going to the barn for the first time tonight to see Harley. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again for all of your help and most of all for creating the salve.
My mare, Marie, is doing wonderfully. After the vet tried to band the sarcoid and remove it without success, I did use the dental floss and tied it around the root. It came off looking like a huge mushroom. I began applying the Sarcrid salve for 5 days, then off 5 days. The are is pink and hair is starting to grow around the area. She has a small elongated spot that I am still working on. But we are down to the skin and she is not fighting me. She also has a small sarcoid on her chest that I have been treating. I just go out every evening when I feed her and wash them off and reapply the salve.
I am ecstatic with the results. It was sure cheaper than a trip to the veterinary school in Oklahoma for treatment. Thanks for all the advice. My neighbors who saw the mare originally can't believe the difference.


Photographs of "Clue" with diagnosed sarcoid mass in the right front leg pit in January, three months into treatment with SARCRID SALVE.

Larger Image Not Available... Larger Image Not Available... Larger Image Not Available... Larger Image Not Available...
Larger Image Not Available... Larger Image Not Available...
I got your sarcoid salve in March for my 9 yr. arab. The changes in his sarcoid lesions have been remarkable. 90of the lesions are gone but I will cont with the treatment until the underlying tissue is as soft as the rest of his skin.
I was given a mare with a huge sarcoid on the inside top portion of her right leg. It was the size of half a tennis ball. I was given the mare because the people who owned her thought she had cancer.
Anyway I took her to the vet and he said it was a sarcoid. So I called one of the previous owners, and he said in the past it had been taken off with "Indian Mudd" and he didn't know what it was. I started looking for info and so here I am. Kind of a long intro, My name is Jane and I am from a little town called Caulksville Arkansas. I removed most of the outside mass with a piece of dental floss. I sort of shaved it off. Then I used some ointment called Sacrid or Sorcid (sorry, can't remember the name) It has taken it down to the skin and now I can see what appears to be the root or starting point. Does anyone know or have any experience with this? Should I keep applying the ointment to it. She doesn't seem to mind me doing it.
I received quite an education looking up Indian Mudd and blood root salve. I am so glad I stumbled on this site, it has been a godsend. I had no clue what to try on this thing. The vet tried to freeze it off and was not successful.
Now it appears that I have a rather nice Thoroughbred mare and colt (yep she was preggers) out of the deal.
At this point in treatment, keep applying the Sarcrid Salve. It should heal the area completely, although, as you know from your experience , it is not an overnight process. Sarcrid is NOT a bloodroot based product. It works much less aggressively and MUCH less painfully. I healed my horse completely and have had complete hair regrowth over the former site, except for the biopsy site, which left a small scar. All four herbs in Sarcrid are recommended for wound healing. You are working toward nice pink healthy skin. Unless this is the site of a former injury or surgery site, there should be hair regrowth also.
Being the developer of Sarcrid, I would be happy to answer any questions you may have, in the future. Good Luck for Sarcoids are a battle,


Hi, I wanted to share the good news that Mystico's eye is completely healed! I would say within a week we were seeing improvement - and within a month it was starting to heal up, and now 3 months later or so it is completely gone! Thank you!!!

Thanks so much for your wonderful generosity and your amazing product.


Kim McElroy

Mystico's Eye Before Treatment - notice the spreading towards the corner of the eye. Mystico's eye after three months of treatment time.
Hi I would just like to say how much your sarcrid salve has improved my horses sarcoid, I did take a picture before I started using it and will take one of how its looking so far And forward them on to yourselves.
Thanks again,
Gill and Oscar (the horse)
United kingdom.


Dear Nancy,

Once again my apologies for not replying and keeping you updated on Toby's progress. Your recent email has motivated me.

Susan and myself have been comparing the photographs taken since 19th April and the most recent which is today 13th Nov. I'm sure your are dong the same and where we are truly amazed at the difference in Toby's sarcoids given I was most skeptical with "natural healing" remedies. You had the confidence and assured me that the treatment would work if I persevered. You told me it would take approximately 9 months. Your prediction is bang on target.

Of course you can use Toby's photographs it would be a privilege to show people how the salve works. By Christmas I am confident there will be no sign of the sarcoids. I will send you the photographs when this happens.

As you can see by today's photographs the sarcoids are all but gone. I have sent you a full size picture of Toby, the chap on board is myself.

Speak to you soon.


Toby and Bob Toby's Sarcoid Toby - May
Toby - July Toby - November
My two year old Percheron had what we first thought to be a wart on his cheek, but fast became apparent it was a sarcoid on the corner of his mouth. We'd tried Xterra but while it reduced the size of the tumor, it was terribly painful for him and made him very head shy, we could NOT get it on his face after a week of treatment and he actually became head shy - it was just awful...then we tried anti growth injections that only angered it and caused it to grow to 4xs the size in just two weeks...finally we resorted to surgery which was a huge hole in his face.... the size of a tennis ball! After struggling with the healing for months, it finally closed but then the incision started to get a bumpy texture to it and it was looking like it was coming back after all that mess...I started to apply Sarcrid salve to the area, morning and night...immediately I noticed that he'd stopped scratching the area and so kept applying it....the texture of his scar became much smoother over the course of the next two weeks and I decided to try it on my TB's ears...he'd had tiny tumors for years in his ears... and at first it was very difficult to even handle the ears, but again, within two weeks time he made no fuss and I noticed the feel of the inner ear became much smoother to the touch... I"ve been using the salve on Bolhtor's face for about a month and a half and all signs of abnormal tissue have disappeared. I've been using it on my TB's ears for about 4 weeks and have noticed a decrease in both size and amount of nodules present in his ears! I'd highly recommend Sarcrid salve for anyone battling sarcoid tumors in their horses.... it's worked wonders for my two horses and with absolutely none of the pain some of the other topical treatments created. I will be forever grateful. THANK YOU!!!
Mary Leone Heller


Thank you. This cream is truly amazing.
E.M. - PA
I just wanted to follow up with you about Grand's progress. I think that the salve has really helped. His vet had continued with bi-weekly drug injections to the site. We kept that up even as I started with the salve. To me, it seemed that things really started to turn around at that point. The area had gotten as big as approx 4 inch diameter and is now about the size of a nickel! The hair is growing back as well. I will be able to saddle him soon! I will pass the word around about your salve. Have a lovely day. Sincerely,
Rosemary Warmenhoven, CTC
Virtuoso Travel Specialist
Creating Unique Experiences for Unique Individuals
111 Woodland Ave. Suite 110
Lexington, KY USA 40502
859-233-0000 phone
859-253-0862 fax
Recently, a friend used the salve to remove a small wart~like area (her description) from near her horses eye. She suggests that as long as you are careful with the salve, and use a small amount (as it does melt in), there should be no issues.
This is completely herbal. I never had to restrain my horse at any time during his treatment, so it is a painless treatment!! That meant a lot to me. Depending on the size and depth of the sarcoid, there could be some wound~looking days, but all four herbs used are also recommended for wound treatment.
What we are working towards, if this is NOT the site of a former injury, is nice pink skin and hair regrowth. I would think that after a month of treatment there should be some definite positive changes. I went very slowly in treating my horse, applying salve every other day, therefore it took about nine months to bring him to total healing. His sarcoid areas were about the size of small tangerine areas, all lumpy above and below the skin. There was some blood when some of the bigger lumps fell off. But NEVER was there massive ugly bloody places, or anything that ever worried me. I do suggest doing a small test area, to start. Four ounces (one container) should give you a definite idea of the salve's effectiveness for your horse.
This salve will stain the skin a yellowish color, so take care in application.
Oh, and if you would like to cut down on your fly problems naturally, start adding about a shot glass to a cup of apple cider vinegar to your horses grain/oats.....It really makes a big difference, in my experience. It makes the horse's coat shiny and has health benefits. I consider it a natural immune enhancer......
Last fall, I had my vet remove thru "freezing" and some minor surgery,,,, a sarcoid the size of a golf ball on my little Mustangs' cheek.. (Right where the neck meets the cheek curve.) Even though he got a lot of it and the "freezing" eradicated a lot of it.. he was not very optimistic that it would solve the problem or stop it from growing back. I had researched equine saroids and came across your cream.. the only thing out there even suggesting success... I started to apply it to the crusted over skin and within a week or so.. it started to smooth out. I continued to use the entire tube and now there is a small patch about the size of my thumb with a slightly raised area. I think a few more treatments will probably get rid of it completely. The vet has seen it and is very impressed !
The salve worked wonderfully on my 16 yr old Arabian gelding who had an occult sarcoid on the inside of his upper thigh. All gone! I think it took about 3 months and the sarcoid was about 3 inches in diameter. It only took one container of Sarcrid Salve to do it. I tried to apply a small amount everyday (some days i would forget). I am excited because my vet had said that the only way to treat this sarcoid was laser, surgery or burning it off and she hated all three options and said in her experience they just didn't work well and were a waste of money. She wanted to know if the salve worked, but I haven't seen her for 6 months (that's a good thing LOL). I have a call into her and can hardly wait to tell her.
Thank You!
Linda Wilson

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